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Reusable Masks are the Everyday Masks

With the rise of today’s ever growing epidemic in such uncertain times, we are all wondering the same things – how can I stay safe? How can I protect others? Which face mask to buy? Is the mask environmentally friendly? It’s saddening to think of all the masks we’ve seen strung on the side of the street. We often wonder – how are all these disposable masks going to impact the future? Sarah Olney, a climate and business spokeswoman at the BBC raised the issue in a political report: As we face the Covid-19 crisis, we all want to do our bit to keep others safe. Wearing face coverings is a vital part of that, but it shouldn’t cost the earth. It’s clear that single-use face masks are creating an enormous amount of waste. Outside of essential clinical settings, there are plenty of environmentally friendly, reusable alternatives that people can choose to use.”

Bk-bags provide reusable masks that are both reliable and sustainable. When choosing a reusable face masks, the primary factors are:

  • How well does it filter the air?
  • How well does it fit?

What are reusable masks?

what are reusable masks

A face mask is fabric that essentially covers both the nose and mouth to protect the body and those around us from germs and antibodies. However, a reusable face mask is one that is washable and recyclable to the body without compromising its effect. A face covering is crucial in today’s society to ensure the safety of yourself and others. A reusable face masks is design to protect each other from infection by capturing bodily fluids share through the mouth and nose

At Bk-bags, we have considered all the dangerous factors of both breathable air as well as the environment to provide everyone with reusable face masks that are:

  • High fibre performance >90% 3um AFNOR SPEC s76-001 UNS1
  • Water repellent to protect from humidity and rain on both the inner and outer layer of the mask
  • Antibacterial upon the inner surface
  • Adjustable at the seams to perfectly match individual face shapes and bone structure
  • Flexible to shape and hold along the nose bridge for secure protection and steam prevention on glasses

A reusable face mask should be washable and able to be reworn to keep out contaminants. The material should be dense enough that germs will not infiltrate the mask or be absorbed.

Why are reusable masks important?

Additional to overall human health protection and safety due to Covid-19 and everyday pollution, face masks have become an epidemic to the environment. The everyday usable face mask has even been considered a ‘global disaster’. Many people are casual with face masks- pulling it out of the box, wearing it and throwing it out.

Primarily made of plastic and then slung into the trash, such face masks will take up to hundreds of years to decompose. This is why the everyday use of a reusable mask is enforced – they are affordable, sustainable and holistically friendly to earth and its people. Aside from the fact that Bk-bags’ face masks are environmentally friendly, they are also of high-quality materials and strength to keep you safe.

How are reusable masks used?

how to use reusable mask

A reusable mask is worn as per a regular face mask, covering the mouth and nose across the bridge with ear straps. The difference between a traditional facemask and a reusable mask, is that a reusable mask can be washed and cleaned to your liking – which is great! Bk-bags have especially formulated materials that are protective and stylish to ensure that you don’t need to compromise on both trend and the environment.

A reusable Bk-bags mask is made up of three layers to protect and serve:

  1. Inner layer: the inner layer of the mask is 100% polyester, poly-mesh, water repellent and anti-bacterial
  2. Mid layer: a poly non-woven 90gsm is connected to the first layer to allow a structure that is breathable and filters air
  3. Outer layer: a high-density filtered fabric made of 100% polyester that is high density and 168*118 water repellent

How are reusable masks cleaned?


A reusable mask simply needs to be washed in a washing machine at 60 degrees Celsius. However, we don’t recommend washing it with softener liquid – so don’t throw it in the wash with your sheets! But washing it alongside your clothes is totally fine. Once it’s washed, pop it in a cool place to dry (not under the sun) and it will be ready for you to reuse and protect yourself as you go!

The cleaning of a reusable mask truly depends on how often you go outside. It is recommended that a reusable mask be washed every single day for greater protection of yourself and others. This avoids contamination and prevents the spread of viruses and germs.

Where can you buy a reusable mask?

A Bk-bags reusable mask is quality and assurance tested and can be purchased through us via the Bk-bags Website, our masks are certified to a strict criteria:

  • AFNOR SPECS S76-001 UNS1
  • OEKO-TEX 100 (both the inner and outer layers)
  • Water repellent material safety
  • AATCC 135-2010 washing test
  • AATCC 100-2012 antibacterial upon the inner later

Bk-bags’ Reusable Masks

Bk-bags’ Reusable Masks

We follow the DGA protocol to ensure that our reusable face masks have a 9% filtration efficiency rate before and after 30 washes. Our products have airway resistance, meaning we consider matters of respiratory resistance as well as air permeability – so that you can breathe easier without restraint. Our filtration efficiency is compliant to 30 washes without compromise, hence why our reusability is reliable and cohesive to protection.

Bk-bags is able to provide 3 masks in a pack, and 1,000 masks in a master carton (14kg) delivered to your doorstep! Our reusable masks are not only environmentally friendly, they are customer-friendly.

Although a reusable mask is more costly than a regular single-use face mask, it is financially sustainable in the long-run. And considering today’s pandemic, we should all be wearing a face mask. It is crucial to be privy of the environment and consider how we are going to shape the future of this planet. This pandemic has tested our ethics, and it is more important than ever now that we consider our actions and how it will affect the earth in years to come. Whether it’s a plastic bag or a face mask, everything we purchase, use and dispose of matters. A reusable face mask is now an everyday element factored into our lives, and it’s crucial that we concern the little things that bulk up in waste in the future.

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