What is a PP Woven Bag?

A PP (PolyPropylene) woven bag is a unique, eco-friendly bag. Bk-Bags offers a variety of PP woven bags, and provides shoppers with reliable, robust and recyclable PP woven shopping bags for their everyday needs.

PP woven bags are eco-friendly

Bk-Bags fosters eco-friendly practices, manufacturing PP woven bags that are 100% reusable and durable. PP woven shopping bags can be melted down and recycled into other products for future usage. PP woven bags happen to be more reliable in strength and carriage than the common PE plastic bag, making woven propylene bags most suitable for both the unaware as well as environmentally conscious shoppers.


Bk-Bags is an elite PP woven bag supplier that ensures that the PP woven shopping bags are multifunctional. The PP woven bags’ high-strength weave and fabric security are versatile, even able to carry tents and sun shades within the tourism industry.

Bk-Bags is the ultimate woven propylene bags supplier, offering solutions to multiple industries. The high durability of recycled PP woven bags allows the strength to carry many heavy items. This is suitable for different businesses that supply weighty products such as fruits and vegetables.

Bk-Bags’ PP Woven Bag

Bk bags’ PP woven bags are lightweight and made up of less plastic than traditional PE bags. This follows certified guidelines provided by the GRS (Global Recycled Standard), hence why Bk-bags’ PP woven bags are the primate choice for the ethically conscious buyer. Bk-Bags’ environmentally friendly production of PP woven bags are the perfect choices for the smart and responsible business.

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