Bk-Bags offers Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, producing non-woven bags that are customisable in design, style and size. Bk-Bags’ non-woven bags are created to the perfect size, style, shape and imprint for each bag upon request.

Bk-Bags’ Non-Woven bags

Bk Bags’ eco-friendly non-woven bags are the perfect reusable packaging to replace traditional plastic bags. The BK-bags technical procedure of imprinting fabrics is carried out with great care. The BK-bag team works alongside each client to understand the purpose of each product. From design to production of the reusable non-woven bags, the team guides each client through the process of lamination (product protection), fabric, design, durability, shape and size.

Product Range

Bk-Bags’ reusable non-woven bags are customisable in a variety of fabrics shapes. Non-woven tote bags are commonly supplied to fashion companies due to their lightweight nature and various styles. The PP non-woven backpack style is a lightweight bag for casual reuse. Furthermore, the high-grade quality of ropes applied to the bag ensures sturdy and reliable straps.

Bk-Bags’ regular stitch bags are offered in many side-rib shapes including triangle and square. Rectangular sided non-woven bags can be sized to carry any shoe box. The lamination of each bag protects both the bag and its contents from liquid damage and varying temperatures.

Why you should choose our Non-Woven Bags?

Since Bk-Bags is a non-woven bag company that cares about the environment and manufactures a variety of ethically conscious products, the company commits to sustainable production processes.

Bk-Bags believes that a non-woven bag in Vietnam should match the international quality and design standards. Businesses looking to buy a non-woven bag are encouraged to explore Bk-Bags’ array of products and inquire today about Bk-Bags’ non-woven bag price.

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