Who we are

Who? Bkbags (BKS CO LTD), established in 2008, specializing in branded eco-friendly, reusable packaging; Base in Vietnam and China.
What? We supply recycled and virgin eco-friendly shopping bags that reduce the environmental footprint from various materials; polyester sports bags, duffle bags, backpacks, and tote bags.

Manage your Plastic footprint Better!

Bcycle is a BioTransformation Technology that causes plastic to self-destruct in nature if it is not recycled.

Responsible Plastic Recovery Contribution

Making a Significant Impact with Every BKbags Product, Stopping Plastic Pollution Together

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The bamboo fabric is strong, soft and becomes better with use. It is reusable, biodegradable and looks great with print. Mostly suitable for shopping bags, suit covers, and laundry bags. We love it!


PLA non woven bags looks and feels the same as polypropylene non-woven fabric. It has the same resistance and strength ability. We produce PLA non woven shopping bags in any shape or color and using eco-friendly water base colors.

FSC paper bags

We believe in responsible packaging. FSC-certified products help us to grow our positive impact on the world’s forests. 

PP non woven

PP (polypropylene) non-woven bags are excellent solution for reusable shopping bags in competitive cost. Our PP woven bags customized to any shape and size. Laminated or uncoated, shiny of matte, in regular sewing or heat sealed.

PP woven bags

The PP woven bags are strong reusable bags. Those bags are the supermarkets chains favourite solution and companies that sale heavy products. We offer PP woven shopping bags in different shapes as Tubular, corner stitch, piping, closed zipper, Hot/Cold cooler bags and boat shape.

Rpet bags

We use Recycled PET – RPET, to make shopping bags. PET is the most common thermoplastic polymer resin of the polyester family and used in fibers for clothing and plastic bottles.

Paper bags and boxes

Paper bags are the classic and elegant shopping bags option. Today, beside classic look they are the most bio-based, biodegradable option on the market. We use black, brown or white Kraft paper (can be certified as FCS), art or ivory paper with any print or design.

Polyester bags

The polyester sport bags, duffel bags of t-shirt bags are strong ang popular. We produce the bags in Vietnam and Cambodia and offer to our clients high quality products and import tax benefit thanks to our production line locations.

Cotton bags

Garment covers made from PP non woven , Biobased PLA non woven, polyester. Cotton or PVC. Beside our existing styles we can design and develop any solution you need.


Shop safe with Biomaster anti-bacterial bag. Different harmful bacteria may stick on your reusable shopping bags while shopping, they will stay and grow inside the bag and may hard you or your family in future use. Biomaster additive material is added to the inside coating and prevent from the bacteria to grow. Environment and health in one bag or cooler bag.

Jumbo bags

Jumbo bag (FIBC), also known as a big bag, or big jumbo bag, etc., is a type of container bag that has a large size to hold and transport many different products in the form of granules, powders or pieces. Made from woven polypropylene (PP) and usually varies in size depending on the type of product it contains. Load (capacity): From 200kg, 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 2500kg

About Bk-Bags

Bk-Bags is committed to a sustainable future that focuses on supplying excellent sustainable packaging. Established in 2008 with bases in Vietnam and China, Bk-Bags operates as an eco-friendly packaging supplier to a variety of supermarkets, footwear and fashion retail shops and company promotion projects.

Why choose us?

Bk-Bags is an expert in the field of eco-friendly packaging bags and works towards reducing plastic pollution and plastic footprint by seeking crucial packaging alternatives for businesses and providing sustainable products, rather than single-use plastic packaging bags.

Choosing Bk-Bags is necessary to respond to the growing demand of consumers for sustainable products, and to comply with the growing number of international standards. Bk-Bags’ customisable, eco-friendly products range is as follows: PP non-woven and PP woven shopping bags, FSC paper bags, PVC bags, rPET recycle plastic bottles, polyester sports bags, promotion bags, cotton/mix cotton bags.

Bk-bags is at the forefront of the eco-bag packaging industry to create change and reduce the environmental footprint of the packaging industry, and endorses the everyday use of a variety of safe and strong materials to protect our environment.

What do we offer?

Bk-bags offers a variety of eco-friendly reusable packaging, ranging from bamboo sustainable transport packaging through to polyester eco-friendly sustainable bags. Bk-bags’ duffel and sports bags prove that sustainable packaging and trendy packaging are not incompatible. Bk-bags supplies supermarkets and everyday shoppers with eco-friendly plastic packaging bags that refuse to compromise both the durability and quality of each product.

Eco-friendly materials such as bio-based plastic PLA and cotton are sourced to produce Bk-bags stock such as totes and garment bars. Bk-Bags is a sustainable business that works with its partners and clients to advocate for everyday sustainability.

Our products appear worldwide

Bk-bags is GRS Certified, meaning every step of its practices are closely monitored throughout production locations in Vietnam, Cambodia, India, and South-East China. Alongside production methods align with the ethical-social environmental quality guidelines as described by BSCI, Sedex 2P, ICS, FSC, and ISO. Bk-bags not only produces reliable, durable, and sustainable packaging but can measure what percentage of each product is recyclable.

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