sustainable packaging solutions to vietnam’s plastic crisis

Sustainable Packaging Solutions to Vietnam’s Plastic Crisis

Sustainable packaging is at the core of Bk-bags, a variety of eco-friendly solutions. Rather than the everyday use of plastic bags, Bk-bags supply reusable bags that reduce the ecological footprint of the packaging industry.

From shopping bags, to shoe bags, totes and duffle bags, Bk-bags is committed to supplying environmentally friendly packaging of high-quality and strong customer service. Bk-bags develops packaging that improves sustainability to increase the use of Life Cycle Inventory (LCI) and Life Cycle Assessment (LCA). We provide packaging solutions that reduce the environmental footprint and ecological footprint effective to the future of a healthy planet.

What is sustainable packaging?

what is sustainable packaging

Sustainable packaging is packaging that will reduce its environmental footprint as time passes. Bk-bags provide sustainable packaging by:

Although many sustainable packaging products are made from organic matter, it is important to factor in its impacts on sourcing materials. Bk-bags ensure that endangered forests are not cleared along the way. Sustainable packaging must be equally eco-friendly and ethical.

What are the benefits of sustainable packaging?

A circular economy (businesses design products with the intent of them being reused) is on the rise as consumers are becoming more educated about the environment and the effects of plastic consumerism. And why wouldn’t it be considering the benefits of sustainable packaging and sustainable packaging design as highlighted by the Green Business Bureau:

  • Sustainable packaging reduces the carbon footprint because it is made of recyclable waste.
  • The design process is easily disposed of for compostability. Compost facilities are simple to find to process packaging waste into compost.
  • Eco-packaging is not only sustainable but biodegradable.
  • Environmentally-friendly packaging is versatile and can be repurposed across all industries for a variety of packaging solutions
  • Companies invested in sustainable packaging cater to a broader market. Consumers are interested in environmentally conscious brands. According to a study shared by Sustaining Our World, 78% of customers aged 18-72 feel more positive when purchasing a product knowing that the packaging is recyclable.
  • Green packaging designs attend to a greater demographic that will return knowing a business is environmentally ethical in their business choices. Several international studies have declared that all adults born after 1990 prefer sustainable products when making a purchase.

What is sustainable packaging design?

what is sustainable packaging design

Sustainable packaging design the specific process of planning how packaging products are going to be produced and to function with good, environmental practices. Sustainable packaging design is committed to the following:

  • Sustainably sourced materials
  • Designs that are eco-friendly manufactured
  • Designs that create products than can be reused, recycled and composted
  • Apply by appropriate measure guided by the GRS (Global Recycled Standard)
  • Manufacturing packaging that does not compromise on quality (it carries what you need it by still being planet-friendly)

Why should packaging be sustainable?

Packaging should be sustainable and recyclable because single-use plastic bags are ruining this earth. It is that plain and that simple.

Did you know that:

Today is the day to recognise the importance of sustainable packages – particularly in Vietnam. Most wastage in Vietnam comes from our everyday purchases. Whether it’s a single smoothie cup or the small bags that carry our banh mi, it is a residual negative impact on the nation and globe as a whole.

Packaging should be sustainable to ensure that what is used to carry everyday goods amounts to an environmental process that heals the world.

Why is Sustainable Packaging Important?

why is sustainable packaging important

Sustainable packaging is important to reduce the plastic epidemic of the world. The United Nations Environment Program has shared that Vietnam is fourth in a list of nations that dump plastic waste in the ocean, generating up to 2,500 tonnes of plastic waste every single day.

As the Prime Minister has called for action to enforce zero disposable plastic bags in shops, markets and supermarkets by 2025, sustainable packaging will replace the everyday plastic bags moving forward. It is estimated by the Vietnam ministry that each family in Vietnam consumes five to seven plastic bags per day. Sustainable packaging is important for reuse by the everyday consumer across Vietnam to carry out their daily needs.

How does Bk-bags secure sustainable packaging?

Bk-bags secures a variety of sustainable packaging designs by working with a variety of international, environmental and social networks. This ensures that BK-bags follows highly ethical working frameworks across the globe :

  • Our FSC paper bags – By following the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) guidelines, we are confident that our paper bags are recyclable sourced forest materials that come from well-managed forest.
  • BSCI certified- a framework for businesses provided by the Foreign Trade Association (FTA) that follows a certain code of conduct for sustainability. Bk-bags uses this to audit its products and services. The audit is carried out to confirm that Bk-bags processes are improving South East Asian sustainable trade packaging practices.
  • Sedex 2P and 4P certified – Bk-bags works with Sedex, an international leader at the forefront of ethical trade services. Sedex provides Bk-bags with a community network and proven tools to carry out sustainable business practices and practice responsible material sourcing.
    Growing with Sedex advances our retail brand and manufacturing processes so that we can be sure:
    1. our value chain is treating the packaging industry fairly,
    2. our environmental policies and practices are updated, and
    3. our business decisions are not risky to the environment
  • ICS (Initiative and Compliance for Sustainability) certified- Bk-bags follow ICS’s mission to support sustainable factories and improve the working conditions of workers within factories.
  • ISO (International Organization for Standardisation) certified- Following ISO standards means that Bk-bags is committed to sustainable working practices beyond Vietnam. Our international businesses follow the consensus-based opinions of global experts.

bk-bags sustainable packaging solution


So what does this all mean? Essentially, it shows that Bk-bags is a team of experts who is constantly educating ourselves and following the advice of international leaders. We are able to practice updated manufacturing and production methods. This allows Bk-bags to provide products that are truly sustainable, renewable, ethical, environmentally friendly, recyclable and that reduce the ecological footprint of the packaging industry.

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