What Is a Jumbo Bag?

Jumbo bags, also recognized as FIBC (Flexible Intermediate Bulk Container), big bags, or big jumbo bags, are large-sized, container-style bags designed to hold and transport multiple products in various forms such as granules, powders, or pieces. An essential feature of these bags is the substantial jumbo bag size, which contributes to their effectiveness as a storage and transit solution for several industries.

Material and Sizes

Woven jumbo bags are typically constructed from woven polypropylene (PP), a material renowned for its high durability and versatility. This sturdy construction lends to their name as woven bags. These bags can accommodate a variety of sizes due to the product type they are designed to contain.

The jumbo bag capacity can differ substantially depending on their intended usage. They are known for their high storage potential, with typical load capacities starting from 200kg and extending up to 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, and even as substantial as 2500kg. This extensive jumbo bag capacity coupled with the flexibility of bag size ensures that woven jumbo bags can reliably cater to a range of industrial storage and transit requirements.

Design and Features of Jumbo Bag

Jumbo bags are usually designed with hood-style sewing. This design ensures a secure close while allowing ease of access when necessary.

Among the key features of Jumbo bags are:

1. Flexibility and Durability

The woven PP material ensures the bags’ capacity to hold heavy products and withstand rough handling, contributing to their flexibility and durability.

2. Water and Dust Resistance

Their design inherently works against water and dust, protecting the contents from environmental contaminants.

3. Flat and Non-Slip Surface

The woven bag’s design promotes stability, reducing the risk of slippage during transport.

4. UV Protection

UV Protection varies between 200 to 1600 hours, securing the contents from harmful UV rays that could degrade the integrity of the product.

Versatile Applications

Jumbo bags are versatile, with applications across various industries owing to their ability to be customized in design and size. In addition, they are well-suited for large domestic and export orders, offered in myriad designs and sizes.

Moreover, these bags are not limited to pre-made designs. They can be produced from PP fabric rolls in all sizes, offering competitive prices and quality, and fitting specific customer requirements.

Jumbo bags are an efficient, reliable means of storage and transport for a spectrum of industrial applications, known for their size, quality, protection, and design customizability.

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