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Next to every plastic bottle are non-recyclable plastic wastes. In countries where the plastic recycling market is active, only high-value plastic waste e.g., PET is being collected and recycled, while the low-value is easily discarded. Selective collection of plastic waste leaves a huge amount of plastic pollution unanswered. Aside from prevention, the big challenge is to develop an economical and sustainable solution for the orphan plastic treatment.

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TONTOTON is a certified plastic credit program
that creates, in particularly polluted coastal areas, a community-based solution for the collection and treatment of post-consumer, non-recyclable plastic waste before they reach the world’s oceans.

TONTOTON’s waste management system brings together the coastal and island communities, the government, international organizations, NGOs, heavy industry, and private businesses to create a new market for the non-recyclable plastic waste and return them to the circular economy.

Enabling this is the plastic credit, a financially-viable solution that allows committed corporations to do more in mitigating plastic problems, to fund high-impact, community-based clean-up projects particularly focused on non-recyclable plastic wastes that are currently not part of the recycling system.

By selecting the eco-friendly solution of co-processing in cement plants, the system is able to convert huge quantities of orphan plastics into Alternative Fuel and Raw Materials (AFRM) resulting to zero waste and eventually reducing the carbon emissions in cement production.

A four-pillar approach guides the solution and makes this intervention scalable and its impact sustainable.


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Evidence points towards a growing consumer market using their spending power to effect change.

There is mounting pressure on companies to be more ethical, and socially and environmentally responsible. In response, businesses are exploring ways be more accountable not only to their shareholders and stakeholders, but also the environment and the communities around them.



Show your customers you care about the environment as much as they do.

Legitimize your Company’s CSR Programme by being part of a solution that reduces your plastic footprint

  • Become more sustainable by reducing or neutralizing your Corporate Plastic Footprint. The TONTOTON solution allows local and international businesses to take responsibility for the plastic they produce by offsetting it with TONTOTON.
  • Any plastic product your company produces that is offset by TONTOTON can bear a ‘Plastic Neutralized’ symbol, indicating your corporation’s participation in the global solution to marine litter.
  • Credibility is key. Corporations participating in the TONTOTON plastic neutralizing program receive certificates to verify the quantity of waste collected, transported, received and converted into AFR, allowing quantifiable and reliable reporting to all stakeholders of your business. Wouldn’t it be good to acknowledge how many tons of orphan plastic your company prevented from becoming marine litter?
  • TONTOTON is a circular solution for plastic and textile waste, with an emphasis on low-value plastic waste that constitutes the majority of litter leakage from waterways into our oceans.


Plastic Neutrallization Program


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