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Beyond Reusable Bags: Other Reusable Products for Your Customers

We’ve talked a lot about the importance of using reusable bags over plastic bags, and there’s a reason for that. Plastic bags are being phased out globally due to their environmental impact, and reusable bags allow individuals and businesses to easily mitigate the issue. But, we also need to be aware of other ways we impact the environment besides plastic bag usage.

A big part of environmental responsibility revolves around product sourcing. For example, a backpack may be made out of materials that are extracted in an unsustainable way. If you truly care about your environmental footprint, then you must pay attention to where and how raw materials are sourced and whether your products are produced in a way that’s least impactful to the environment.

This isn’t always easy. Sometimes, you don’t have control over your supply chains, and a supplier may claim sustainable practices while taking shortcuts that negatively impact the environment. Luckily, Bk-bags offers products you can trust.

Why Bk-bags?

For those who want durable, aesthetic, and sustainable bag products, then Bk-bags is the way to go.

Most of our products are third-party certified ensuring that they come from ethical sources. From raw material extraction to shipping, we guarantee that our products are environmentally and socially responsible. This means that our supply chains treat their workers ethically and the materials are sourced in a sustainable way.

When it comes to sustainability, corporate responsibility goes beyond establishing environmental practices within your own company. You must do what we can to uphold the same standards through supply chains. From extraction to production, we all have a responsibility to our planet. That’s why we’ve made it our business to provide the highest quality products boasting the greatest standards of sustainability. Our products comply with international environmental regulations so that your company can be proud to offer our products.

Bk-bags is the best supplier of eco-friendly reusable bag options for sustainability-minded companies. This is why we offer more than just reusable shopping bags; we also have a wide selection of tote bags, backpacks, garment bags, and more. Let’s take a closer look at some of our additional offerings that your customers will love.

Bamboo tote bags

Perfect for:

  • Travel
  • Shopping

As a textile, bamboo offers a soft, durable, and biodegradable material. Because bamboo grows quickly, requires little water, and needs no pesticides, it’s an incredibly sustainable crop. Bamboo forests even help to reduce erosion, minimizing the risk of landslides.

Bamboo tote bags are durable, aesthetic, and fashionable. Our tote bags are made with the utmost quality, ensuring that they can carry heavy loads. Your customers can enjoy daily use of these bags for years to come.

bamboo middle sewn

Each bag is built to last, delivering the same long-lasting quality as our reusable bags. Furthermore, you can customize each bag with your company logo or other design for a unique marketing opportunity. Tote bags can be a fashion statement as well as a practical shopping accessory, perfect for customers who are always on the go.

Cooler bags

Perfect for:

  • Picnics
  • Poolside drinks
  • Cold lunches

Many of today’s coolers are made from styrofoam—a type of low-value plastic. Although these can be reused many times, once styrofoam coolers have reached the end of their lives, they are destined for landfills or as mismanaged waste. Styrofoam is simply not a sustainable material.

Our cooler bags offer the perfect environmental alternative. They are softer than cooler boxes, and they have handles, making them easy to carry. Furthermore, they are made from non-woven PP, which is recyclable, lightweight, and durable. The lining is made of EPE foam—another type of polypropylene.

As with many of our products, the polypropylene materials come from ethical sources, ensuring the highest standards of responsible sourcing. We also offer a variety of options, including a round-bottom cooler, an Oxford bag, and the standard cooler, so you can find the perfect cooler bags to fit your customers’ needs.


Perfect for:

  • School
  • Travel
  • SWAG bags

When it comes to textiles, you must be very careful about where they’re sourced. The fashion and textile industries have historically come under scrutiny for unsustainable practices, and companies that are environmentally minded must be careful about where their clothing and accessory products come from. This includes backpacks.

We offer a variety of backpack options made from different ethically sourced materials. Our polyester backpacks follow a classic backpack design, promising the highest quality. Your customers will enjoy these bags for years to come. Our bamboo backpacks follow a simple draw-string design for carrying lightweight items. You can also print your company’s logo on these bags, making them perfect as a retail item or a SWAG giveaway. We have Non-woven PP backpacks offered in this style as well.

polyester grey small backpack

Woven PP duffle bags and satchels

Perfect for:

  • Gym clothes
  • Going to work
  • Travel

Woven PP is similar to non-woven PP except that the polypropylene is separated into strips and woven instead of bonded using heat. In fact, woven PP is often made of recycled non-woven PP. Like all of our products, our woven PP offerings promise the utmost quality and durability, allowing your customers to enjoy them for some time.

We offer duffle bags and satchels made from this material. Woven PP lamination is water resistant, and you can print a customized design or your logo for a unique marketing opportunity.

Reusable face masks

COVID-19 necessitated the universal use of face masks. While this was essential for public health, it also exacerbated the plastic pollution problem; single-use masks are made of plastic, and many masks have been improperly discarded.

Our reusable face masks provide a sustainable and reliable alternative to single-use masks. They have three layers, with an antibacterial inner layer, they’re washable, and they boast a high filtration performance on par with single-use masks. Furthermore, they are equipped with a nose bridge structure that reduces breath fog on glasses, and they have an adjustable headband for optimal comfort.

blue reusable face mask

We offer a variety of colors in both adult and children’s sizes so that the whole family can be covered. Your health-conscious customers will love these masks.

Environmental responsibility doesn’t stop at reusable bags. Your customers want to know that you offer a plethora of sustainable products that they can trust. Bk-bags enables you to confidently provide ethical products for your greenest consumers. Contact us today to learn more.

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