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Bcycle Revolutionizing Plastic Footprint: Bkbags’s BioTransformation Leads the Way in Sustainable Environmental Solutions

Creating a more sustainable world is all about innovation. Here at Bk-bags, we’re always looking for better and more environmentally friendly materials so that our clients can enjoy durable, useful, and beautiful products that can be managed in a circular way. On this note, we’re very excited to introduce BCycle—our line of products using BioTransformation technology.

BioTransformation is an exciting new tech that transforms plastic waste into bio-wax, but only if it’s been abandoned in nature. As long as it’s in use and stored in a stable environment, it functions as normal plastic, and it can even be recycled. So, how does BioTransformation technology work, and why should your company be excited about BCycle? Here’s our guide.

What is BioTransformation technology?

BioTransformation is a material technology that functions exactly like PP and LDPE materials unless it is abandoned to nature, in which case, it transforms into a bio wax that’s consumed by natural microbes, fungi, and bacteria.

The time-controlled technology remains dormant for around 12 months and as long as it is stored in a stable environment. During this time, it acts as normal plastic, so the products it’s made from enjoy the same function and durability. The transformation into bio-wax only occurs : when the plastic is abandoned in nature. In this case, the combination of air, moisture, and heat will activate the BioTransformation process, converting the plastic material into something that can be consumed by mircroorganisms and eradicated from the environment. When the BioTransformation process is activated, plastic containers usually break down within 9 – 12 months, and plastic bags within 8 – 12 months.

BioTransformation technology

The best part about BioTransformation materials is that they can be recycled. Ideally, BCycle products using BioTransformation will always be recycled, and they will never have to transform into bio-wax. However, retailers cannot control how their products are handled at end-of-life. In case BCycle products end up abandoned to nature, the BioTransformation technology will ensure that the plastic will disappear instead of breaking down into microplastics or becoming marine plastic.

You can find the text standard to prove that the technology is effective here.

How does Bcycle BioTransformation tech reduce plastic waste?

BioTransformation helps reduce plastic waste by fully degrading if the plastic material is abandoned to nature. In an ideal world, it would be recycled. However, the reality is that a huge amount of plastic waste is abandoned in nature; according to the OECD, 21 million tons of plastic were leaked into the environment in 2022. BioTransformation ensures that the inevitable fugitive plastic will not become indelible litter but will eventually go away completely.

Stopping plastic pollution is essential to the health of our planet and its people. According to the above-linked analysis by the OECD, if the global community continues with its current business-as-usual approach, we could see a 50% increase in plastic waste leakage by 2040. This leaked plastic waste is detrimental to both natural ecosystems and vulnerable communities. Abandoned plastic causes health issues, depletes marine ecosystems—which many local communities depend upon for food and income—and never completely degrades, leaving microplastics behind.

BioTransformation technology fights mismanaged plastic waste by providing a safeguard against plastic litter. Although it can (and should) be recycled, BioTransformation plastic that gets abandoned to the environment quickly transforms into a bio-wax that is consumed by natural microbes instead of slowly breaking down into microplastics that never go away.

How is BioTransformation different from oxo-degradable plastic?

Oxo-degradable plastics, which are now banned by the EU, are plastics made with supplements that will quickly degrade the plastic in nature, mimicking the biodegrading process. However, these types of plastics never fully biodegrade. Rather, they simply break down into microplastics, just as regular plastic does. The only difference is the time at which it takes to become microplastics.

BioTransformation, on the other hand, fully transforms the plastic into bio-wax, which is then consumed by microbes and completely removed from the environment. This makes it a novel, one-of-a-kind technology that allows mismanaged plastic waste to completely disappear. In the fight against plastic pollution, this technology is game-changing.

BioTransformation technology bag

What is BCycle?

BCycle is Bk-Bags’ line of LDPE or PP bags and other products that use BioTransformation technology. This line includes tote bags, suitcovers, drawstring bags, face masks, lids, food containers, and more.

BCycle takes everything you already love about Bk-Bags products—high-quality products, certified commitment to sustainability, and excellent customer service—and adds an extra layer of environmental protection to ensure that the product’s end-of-life is sustainable, no matter how it’s disposed of.

This product line is a dream for sustainability-minded businesses that care about the life cycle of their products. While companies can have control over the manufacturing and delivery of their products, they cannot force their customers to dispose of their products in a sustainable manner. BCycle ensures that, even if the products are abandoned as fugitive plastic, they’ll still avoid degrading into microplastics or littering our oceans.

Learn more about BCycle here.

How to dispose of BCycle products

BioTransformation plastic is recyclable, so BCycle products should always be recycled. The bio-wax feature is only there in case the product becomes fugitive plastic by mistake.

Here at Bk-bags, we are committed to circular practices. In a circular economy system, materials should be kept in circulation for as long as they possibly can, which includes reusing, upcycling, and recycling materials. A huge benefit of BioTransformation technology is that it can still be recycled and given new life, contributing to circularity.

When you offer BCycle products to your customers, encourage them to properly dispose of the products. Although the transformation into bio-wax can be a selling point, make sure that your customers know that this is not the appropriate way to discard their products, and they should bring them to a recycling center instead.

Manage your plastic footprint with BCycle products from Bk-Bags

Extended Producer Responsibility and other regulatory approaches place the burden of responsibility on businesses and manufacturers when it comes to environmental and social issues. Laws in the U.S., E.U., and globally place fines and other consequences on companies that are not operating in a responsible manner. Modern businesses must commit to more positive impacts to compete in the modern world.

BioTransformation technology product

Offering and using sustainable products, like those from BCycle, see many benefits, such as increased customer loyalty and improved brand reputation. Customers want to support companies that sell sustainable products and showcase sustainability, and BCycle does just that.

When you calculate your company’s plastic footprint, it needs to be done so comprehensively. Even elements that are outside of your control, like the end-of-life disposal of your products, need to be included in the calculations. Investing in BCycle products can help you manage your plastic footprint by taking some control over your products’ end-of-life. So, not only will offering BCycle products improve your brand reputation, but it can also improve your sustainability outlook overall.

BCycle exists to help you manage your plastic footprint and take responsibility for your products’ end-of-life. If you want to feel good about the PP non woven bags, plastic containers, or other PP and LDPE plastic materials, then BCycle is the way to go. Contact us to learn more about the new BCycle product line.

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