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Antibacterial Reusable Bags: How Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology Works

A common concern regarding reusable bags is the bacteria and other harmful microbes they may harbor. If you’re not cleaning your bag regularly, these microbes can replicate and make their way onto your food and other products.

Although bacteria and other microbes found in reusable bags will rarely make you sick, some may find the risk of microbes so daunting that they turn back to single-use plastic bags instead. Plastic bags may harbor less bacteria than an unwashed reusable bag, but they’re certainly not safer in regards to the future of our planet.

But what can people do if they want to use an antibacterial reusable bag that they don’t have to clean all the time? The answer is easy: Biomaster bags.

What is Biomaster protection?

what is biomaster protection

Biomaster is the brand name for a technology that uses silver ions for their naturally antimicrobial properties. This silver-based powder or liquid can be easily mixed into textiles, paper, paint, or coating in order to capture the antimicrobial power of silver.

For thousands of years, people have used silver to kill bacteria, fungi, and viruses naturally. While some other metals are also microbial, silver has a low toxicity level, making it safe to use around food, on wounds, and in other delicate areas.

The power of Biomaster antimicrobial technology will never fade. When used in reusable bags, it protects food and other items from bacteria that can survive in a bag for up to 8 weeks. This allows you to use the reusable bag over and over again without having to wash or disinfect in between shopping trips.

Additionally, this technology is safer than using antibacterial sprays. When you use antibacterial products, bacteria can mutate until it becomes resistant against antibiotics and antibacterial products. Without antibiotics to fight off these resistant bacteria types, an illness that would typically require nothing more than a doctor’s visit and a prescription can become lethal.

When it comes to silver ion technology used in Biomaster bags, there is no evidence to suggest that bacteria can become resistant, making it a safe antibacterial option.

How do Biomaster reusable bags work?

biomaster bag bk-bags

It kind of seems too good to be true. Is the key to antimicrobial technology really just silver? Well, the truth is that this approach isn’t something new. In fact, we’ve found evidence of people using silver against bacteria and other harmful microbes as far back as ancient Egypt. Even today, some modern bandages contain silver in order to protect a wound from infection.

The science behind it is really quite simple. The silver works in three different ways. 1) Silver ions bind with membrane proteins within the bacteria cells, eventually killing the bacteria. 2) The silver binds to the DNA, making them unable to replicate. 3) The silver destroys the energy production of the cell by blocking the respiratory system of the bacteria.

Simply put, the silver ions mess with microbes enough that the microbes either die off or are unable to replicate and spread, which is the key to any microbes’ survival.

This technology is proven to reduce the spread of food-borne bacteria like E. coli, Campylobacter, Listeria, and Salmonella, and it also works against other microbes, like fungi and some viruses.

Antimicrobial reusable bags and COVID

biomaster bag bk-bags

In these crazy COVID times, we’re all looking for ways to stay safe against the virus. With our reusable bags, which come into contact with our food, we need to be extra careful. Biomaster antimicrobial technology could be a response to that.

When it comes to Biomaster bags and COVID, unfortunately, there is no research available as to the efficacy of this technology against coronavirus, specifically. However, Biomaster is shown to be effective against Norovirus, and evidence strongly suggests that if this is the case, it should be effective against coronavirus as well.

Norovirus cells are covered in a tough protein coating, and are therefore difficult to kill, whereas COVID is covered in a lipid coating which is much easier to destroy. Since Biomaster bags have been shown to be effective against up to 99% of Norovirus cells, we can safely guess that it will have an effect on coronavirus cells as well.

With this in mind, maintain COVID precautions, and continue to wash your hands and sanitize your products when you come home. The Biomaster protection only prevents bacteria and viruses from replicating within the bag, and if the virus is on your hands or your products, you will need to address that using your own methods

Where to buy Biomaster reusable bags

The answer to this question is easy: right here at Bk-bags!

Our Biomaster bag line boasts antimicrobial properties for life. You’ll enjoy the same high quality as you would with any of our bags, just with the bonus of Biomaster technology. This bag is great in any setting, but it’s ideal for grocery stores or other food outlets.

Customers will love Biomaster bags because they offer an element of safety while shopping; they can sleep easily knowing that their food products are safe from harmful microbes within their reusable bags. Bonus: Biomaster bags require less cleaning, making them an easier choice overall.

When you want a bag that’s durable, safe, and aesthetically pleasing, then you want a Biomaster bag through Bk-bags.

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