FSC paper bags​

What is FSC?

The FSC system allows businesses and consumers to identify, purchase, and to use wood, paper, and other forest products made with materials from well-managed forests and recycled sources.

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BKS Co Ltd License Code FSC-C151221

Responsible packaging

Corporate social responsibility and sustainability are more than just buzzwords. Consumers and societies expect businesses to be part of the solution when it comes to environmental and social issues. For any business associated with productive forests and forest products, working with FSC makes sense.

We can help your business with improved efficiency, market access, meeting the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and more. We have tailored solutions for different sectors, and we provide additional tools for businesses that choose to work with us, such as marketing materials to promote your collaboration with FSC.

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Why should you use FSC paper bags?

Our brand strategy is our point of reference for how we present ourselves and communicate. Using FSC-certified products, helps us to stand out, stay relevant,and grow our positive impact on the world’s forests.

Contact us for more information about responsible packaging for your business.

FSC Recycled

The FSC Recycled label means all the wood or paper in the product comes from reclaimed or re-used material.

Why is there an FSC Recycled label?

The FSC Recycled label was introduced to recognize the important role that recycling paper and timber plays in protecting the world’s forests. Unlike general ‘recycled’ claims, which require no verification, the FSC Recycled label assures that all the wood or paper in a product has been verified as genuinely recycled. Reclaimed materials can also be used in products carrying the FSC Mix label; however, only products containing 100% recycled material can carry the FSC Recycled label.

What does the FSC Recycled label mean?

Is it originally from an FSC forest? Wood products carrying the FSC Recycled label have been verified by a third-party certification body as being made from at least 70% post-consumer reclaimed materials, i.e. wood and or wood fiber that has been reclaimed from a product after that product has been used for its intended purpose by individuals or businesses. The remaining material must be verified as pre-consumer waste. Paper products can contain any balance of preconsumer and post-consumer reclaimed material as long as all applicable parts of the product are verified as reclaimed. The FSC Recycled label is not, however, a guarantee that the wood originally comes from an FSC certified forest.

Is it better to choose recycled or virgin products?

Recycling paper and wood products not only makes the best use of the yield of the tree (by extending the life span of its fibers), it also reduces the amount of waste going to landfill sites. The use of FSC Recycled paper and timber can help to alleviate the pressure of demand on sources of virgin material, thereby helping to protect the world’s forests. There will always be a need for virgin timber and pulp, as demand for timber products remains high and the life span of recycled fibers for use in paper manufacture is limited.

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