Global Paper Bag Market Expected to Increase

On Green Investments: Global Paper Bag Market Expected to Increase

Green investing is a growing trend. It can manifest a few different ways, but the most common form of green investments entail investing in companies or industries that support green initiatives or that practice sustainability. For the investor, the goal is to simultaneously see a profit while supporting environmentally friendly practices for a healthier planet.

One notable market that’s on the rise is paper bags. For a number of reasons, the paper bag market is predicted to see a massive increase in the next four years. Here’s what we know about this market increase, why this growth is happening, and how partnering with bk-bags can help you take advantage of this market increase.

Paper bag market increase

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According to TechNavio, a global market research company, the market share of paper bags will increase by USD 1.19 billion through 2026 with a compound annual growth rate of 4.41%.

TechNavio arrived at this prediction for a number of reasons. Firstly, the retail industry worldwide is growing. This increases the need for packaging. Alongside the retail growth is a growing interest in environmentalism and sustainability from consumers. Customers want eco-friendly packaging that they can feel good about using. Paper bags offer that, especially compared to the alternative single-use packaging product: non-recyclable plastic.

Furthermore, governments across the world are implementing legislation to either place regulations upon or fully ban plastic bags. This requires retailers to invest in more eco-friendly alternatives, like paper bags. This trend is only expected to continue.

Besides the retail sector, the growth of the construction sector due to rapid urbanization also drives a growing need for paper bag production, since many of their materials, namely cement, are packaged in paper bags.

Finally, product innovation surrounding paper bags has improved the design and function of paper bags, opening up further avenues for paper packaging over plastic packaging. In the coming years, it’s expected that we’ll see more pre-packaged food and other items wrapped in paper rather than plastic.

Environmental benefits of paper bags

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Paper bags are quickly substituting plastic bags as the preferred disposable bag choice. For years, plastic bags have dominated as the go-to single-use packaging choice. They are inexpensive, lightweight, waterproof, and versatile, making them a convenient choice across industries. However, they are also a scourge to the planet. Plastic does not break down. Rather, it breaks apart into microscopic pieces that will remain in nature. Additionally, they cannot be recycled, and even plastic bags that make their way into landfills often catch the wind, ending up in nature in spite of being disposed of properly.

On the other hand, paper bags are biodegradable, which means that they will eventually decompose. In fact, it only takes around 2 – 6 weeks for it to do so. This means that, even if the paper bag ends up in nature, it won’t remain litter for long. But, paper bags are also recyclable, so they can be used in a circular economy system, and recycling helps to preserve raw materials needed to create the paper bags. Finally, the production of paper bags requires less energy than other packaging materials, leaving a smaller carbon footprint.

But the environmental benefits aren’t the only reasons why people are turning to paper bags. They are more aesthetically pleasing than plastic bags, offering a better opportunity for companies to showcase their logos. If used lightly, they can be reused for gift packaging or as trash liners, offering multiple uses to your customers. If you opt for recycled paper bags or paper bags that are proven to be ethically sourced, you can also showcase your paper bag offerings in your marketing strategy, proving to your environmentally conscious customers that your company cares about sustainability.

Paper bags through bk-bags

Investing in paper bags through bk-bags allows your company to take advantage of the predicted market growth of the paper bag as well as the aesthetic and environmental benefits you can enjoy from our bags.

We offer two different bag types: FSC-certified and standard paper bags.

FSC-certified paper bags are certified by the Forest Stewardship Council as eco-friendly. There are three different certifications—FSC 100%, FSC recycled, and FSC mixed. Each certification type goes through a rigorous screening process to ensure that the bags come from properly managed forests, that they are socially responsible (the workers behind every aspect of paper bag production enjoy ethical conditions), and that recycled bags come entirely from pre-consumer or post-consumer reclaimed materials. These types of bags boast the highest standard of sustainability.

Standard paper bags may not be FSC-certified, but because they come from bk-bags, they are ethically sourced, both from environmental and social standards, and they boast the high quality that you can expect from bk-bags. They also come in a wide variety of colors and styles to suit your brand.

Both the FSC-certified bags and standard paper bags can have your logo or another design printed so that you can offer beautiful, environmental, and ethically sourced paper bags. Your customers will love your commitment to sustainability, and you’ll love the positive image that your company can advertise through your sustainability efforts.

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