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Are Bamboo Totes the Next Big Thing in Environmentalism?

Plastic bags are quickly on their way out. In fact, as of July 2021, 77 countries have initiated full or partial bans on plastic bags, and many other countries are planning to do the same or charge plastic bag taxes.

These measures aren’t arbitrary; around 5 trillion plastic bags are used annually, and many of those become part of the 11 million metric tons of plastic that enter our oceans each year. Because plastic bags aren’t recyclable, they end up in landfills, and their lightweight nature causes them to easily catch the wind and blow into waterways, eventually becoming ocean plastic.

Reusable bags offer the best solution to stop this scourge. Customers can easily invest in two or three durable, easy-to-use reusable bags that will last them years rather than wasting potentially dozens of lightweight single-use plastic bags every week. However, not all reusable bags are the same.

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When choosing the right reusable bags for yourself and your customers, you need to consider the environmental footprint of the production of the bag, its durability, its aesthetics, and its recyclability. Your bags need to be sustainable and convenient, and they should be something that your customers love to use.

Bamboo bags may be the answer. And, we’re not the only ones who think so. Here’s why bamboo bags are the next must-have item.

What are bamboo bags?

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Bamboo bags are bags made from bamboo textile. Bamboo stalks are crushed, and their fibers are filtered out. These fibers are then woven together to create a beautiful, durable textile that can be made into bags, backpacks, and even clothing.

Bamboo textile is similar to rayon—a synthetic textile—except it’s more durable, and it may have some natural antimicrobial properties (although, like all reusable bags, you should clean them regularly). This makes bamboo ideal for reusable bags, especially for groceries.

The one downside to bamboo bags is that they cannot be machine washed; you will have to hand wash between uses and take it to the dry cleaner every few months or so. But, this seems a small price to pay when dealing with a superior reusable bag.

Why is bamboo textile ideal for reusable bags?

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As we said above, bamboo bags may have some antimicrobial properties, they’re durable, and they look fantastic. But, the excellent textile is only one reason why bamboo makes a great reusable bag.

Bamboo, as a crop, has a very low impact on the environment. It takes less water to grow than other crops, needs no pesticides, and can even help prevent erosion. Unlike other crops, bamboo can actually improve the ground upon which it is grown rather than harming the environment and taking valuable resources, like cotton crops do.

Additionally, bamboo textile is biodegradable, so after years of use, when the bag finally fails, customers can responsibly discard their bamboo bag before investing in another one.

Customers will love that bamboo bags last a long time, giving them their money’s worth, and you can market bamboo’s green qualities, which will make consumers feel good about using their bamboo, and it will make you feel good about your company’s contribution to sustainability.

Big retailers are looking for plastic bag replacements

Reusable bags, in general, are becoming a key component in big retailers’ sustainability strategy. In the United States, Closed Loop Partners began an initiative, Beyond the Bag, that partnered with big retailers—like Walmart, Target, and CVS—in order to find a suitable plastic bag alternative. The goal was to end the use of plastic bags without causing an inconvenience to customers. Solutions included kiosks to distribute and return reusable bags, reusable bags for online deliveries, apps that allow you to track the environmental impact of your reusable bag, and more.

This initiative shows that reusable bags in lieu of plastic bags aren’t just a trend, but an imperative issue that requires teamwork and innovation to solve. It’s not just something that fringe environmentalists seek; it’s a mainstream issue that companies need to get on board with, both for the sake of the environment and to give customers what they want.

Big retailers are even turning to bamboo bags as an in-store offering. In fact, Bk-Bags just fulfilled a big order of bamboo bags to Walmart. This, if nothing else, proves that there is a massive market for bamboo bags, and your company can take advantage.

Could bamboo be the reusable bag that we’re looking for?

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If you’re seeking a good reusable bag option for your company, consider bamboo bags.
They aren’t just good for the environment, but they look fantastic, they last a long time, and customers will love carrying them around.

To further promote the purchase and use of reusable bags at your store, you can print your logo or other beautiful designs, making them a fashion statement as well as a useful item. Take advantage of the fact that they’re made from bamboo, and print pictures of bamboo on the bags. Or, opt for gorgeous nature scenes. These types of designs will remind your customers of the nature that they are saving through reusable bag use, and it could encourage their purchase.

You can even include the bamboo textile in your marketing strategy. Take to social media and talk about the wonders of bamboo as a crop. Let your customers know how much better bamboo bags are than plastic bags, and encourage them to invest in a bamboo bag of their own. Studies show that consumers want to make good environmental choices. You just need to show them what their options are.

If you’re looking for a high-quality bamboo bag that big retailers like Walmart love, then your search is over; Bk-bags has just what you need. We offer a variety of styles on which we can print two colors on two sides, so you can make the bags your own. Our products are all ethically sourced, and we work closely with our manufacturers to ensure that the highest standards of safety, both for the environment and the workers involved, are achieved. When you order through Bk-bags, you can feel great knowing that you’ve made an excellent environmental and business decision.

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